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How to Share the Gospel With an Atheist — 3 Comments

  1. *applauding enthusiastically* thank you, thank you for saying so well what I was thinking while reading that article. I was gobsmacked by his “pat the little atheist on the head* rhetoric. Well said sir, well said.

    • Yes, exactly. Too many Christians have a paternalistic attitude as if they own all knowledge, truth, morality, etc., and they must pity the poor unenlightened non-believers because “they don’t have the holy spirit in them to explain things.”

      Bullshit… that’s not the holy ghost whispering in their ear; it’s their own mind confirming their own beliefs to them.

      Thanks for dropping by, Jenn!

  2. PS: I found this exchange on the web site This site has promise! It lead me to this, your blog, which I shall follow as closely as I am able these days. I enjoyed reading your mini autobiography, you sound like a person I would love to have tea/coffee/a bourbon with! lol