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“The Delusional Explanations For The Republican Loss” — 2 Comments

  1. “Spot on” from me, too. (This is a British-ism I adopted long ago along with “queueing up.”)

    I am watching the Republicans blame everybody for losing instead of just saying, “hey, we didn’t get enough votes, what did WE do wrong?”

    Abraham Lincoln would no longer recognize his party.

    As a liberal I would like to see the Republican party and its pundits become sane and articulate again — more George Wills, fewer Sean Hannitys. I would like to see them ditch the religious loons and corporate interests and go back to espousing values of education, self-reliance, sensible DEFENSE of our nation and wise (not Draconian) budgeting. One can disagree, and even compromise, with such people.

    Sometimes a conservative idea works better for one issue than a liberal idea. Sometimes the opposite is true. Sane people who disagree can compromise. Some issues, like the environment, should NEVER be partisan.

    Politics is like an airplane — it takes TWO wings to work TOGETHER and never forget the people in the middle are counting on both!