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Leaving Tillamook? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Ray,

    I have the same problem and I thought that I would search if anyone else had a similar problem!

    Anyways, we love tillamook cheese as well and as of late, we have been experiencing the same problem that you have as well. The slices are sticking together from where there is no paper but also on the paper itself! This is fustrating as you can imagine as we need to peel of bits of paper from the cheese slices. I wonder if it’s because of the weight of the cheese when they are packing and storing the goods? Anyways, hopefully they resolve the problem as we’re going to stop from buying the slices and buying the blocks of cheese instead….blah I should also write to them as well….

  2. I’m having the same issue. In addition I’m finding that the cheese is also somewhat dry. I buy mine at Costco and the date is ok so its not old or anything. It is definitely the paper. Its too small, sticky and weak.

    • After receiving the coupons (3 of them!) for new packs of Tillamook sliced cheddar, I waited about a month. I was pleased to discover larger separator papers and a much smoother separation when I wanted. It is a process they are working on to improve, but I would recommend communicating with the company. They do take a few days to respond, but they DO eventually respond. Good luck.