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Confirmation Bias? — 3 Comments

  1. I notice there is no extra ordinary scientific proof link provided for these extraordinary claims. If you read The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin, he cites sources that refute what you say. Confirmation bias is often exhibited by sceptic’s who are actually not fully informed and wish to remain so in order to retain their chosen position and its related beliefs. It only takes one healing to prove you wrong, and there are many more than that. As usual though, you offer an intentionally weak illustration for your point rather than deal with real experiences of real people.

  2. Correction, yes you are using real people who’s admittedly weak claim suits your purpose. This is inherently biased on your part. There are many extraordinary examples of healings, I doubt you care to look for them.

    • There are remissions in some cases and there are spontaneous recoveries in some cases. So what? There is no evidence any god was involved in such cases.