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Why Chicago? — 5 Comments

  1. What a non-issue. Before I say what I’m about to (hypothetically) say to Mr. or Ms. “Enjoys Banter,” let me say that the following in NO WAY means to me that these things should count against Romney’s “level of Americanism,” except maybe the last bullet.

    So, is there an implication that Mitt Romney is more American? If so, what does one do with the following? Mitt Romney is a man who…

    – was born with a 1733 silver Louis XV soup tureen in his mouth.
    – was raised in a devout Mormon family.
    – spent two and a half years as a Mormon missionary in France, avoiding Vietnam, being unaware of the anti-war sentiment back home, and finally surprised to find out later of his own father’s change of heart about the war that may have cost Dear Father his presidential campaign bid.
    – uses banks all over the world to keep from paying US taxes.
    – when trying to kiss up to the average guy, says “I like sport.” Singular. “Sport.”
    – has never had a drink in his life.
    – doesn’t appear to have a single principle that he would stick to if it hurts his career. Even if he thinks it’s right for America.

    I could go on, but I have to pee.

  2. Huh. Hawaii still regards itself as a “colonial territory”???? Well, at least this person got the “seperate” from the mainland right. Nearly three thousand miles of ocean between here and the mainland, yeah, that’s separate. Colonial territory, well, uh, no. Been a state for more than 50 years.