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Oh NBC… wtf, man? — 2 Comments

  1. Try being 11 hours or almost half a day behind the events! It’s so much worse. Sometimes there’s information on the outcome popping up on my computer around breakfast time, and then I have to wait until prime time before it’s on the television. I am also less than thrilled with the lack of any analysis on some of the events that are harder for non-participants to understand, like some of the fine points of diving or gymnastics. It’s rather frustrating to have no explanation of some of the scoring or less obvious errors.

    • I agree…. there are times I think a routine is splendid and then the scores come up and there are deductions for this or that. I’m learning (slowly) to spot some of the mistakes, but sometimes it makes as much sense as watching football, which I TOTALLY do not understand at all! I understand baseball — you hit the ball and run around the bases. NBC’s “commentary and analysis” is seriously lacking. That’s one reason I like watching some of the events on BBC, live streaming on my computer. I don’t always know which event is showing, but at least it’s live and they show actual competition between teams of different nations, not just American-centric highlights.