Debating whether to watch the Debate

Nope.    I can’t imagine there is anything that could be said tonight that would change my mind.  Trump is a mother-fucking lying son-of-a-bitch and is not qualified to be President.

And I am confident that tomorrow Facebook will be filled with links to all sorts of post-debate commentary.


Have no friends who are not your equals

“Have no friends who are not your equals” – Confucius

I ran into this quote yesterday on Facebook and I’ve been mulling it over, trying to figure out what it means, or at least what it might mean to me.

On the one hand it can mean don’t be friends with people who are above you or beneath you as far as social station or other factors. Or it can also mean not to treat your friends as if you are superior or inferior to them.

As a mere mortal such as I am I find myself sometimes distinguishing among the people that I know. Some of the people that I know are acquaintances but not friends in the true sense of the word. I can be friendly with acquaintances without divulging all of my secrets.

I’m still not entire sure as to take the quote, but I’m going to let it simmer some more.

No, no… I’m still here!

I realize only a handful of people check in here, but I thought I’d drop a note anyway.  And then I thought I’d drop a visual note instead.   🙂

Please forgive the eyes — I seem to be having some issues with dry-eye or something.  This was meant to be just a quick-and-dirty clip, nothing fancy.

If there is anything (ANYthing) you want to know about my story, leave comments below or send me an email.   I don’t promise I will “tell all” but I hope to tell enough that my life today makes sense as the end result of everything that came before.

And when I say ‘five or six months’, I mean for my story.  I’ll try to remember to post regular stuff here more often than that!  LOL